These days, superheroes aren’t hard to find. They’re leaping out of comic pages, flying from our screens, and saving the world at every turn. These super-strong, super-amazing heroes inspire us— they inspire us to be greater than who we are, to stick up for the little guy, to be fearless, to fight for the side of good. 

And for every super villain our heroes POW!, and for every laser blast they ZAPPP!, we feel some of their awesome power in us. Part of the fun of comics and cartoons is pretending we’re the one in the super suit, or flying through the galaxy blasting evil aliens, or protecting the realm of humans from destruction. Sometimes it’s fun to imagine WE’RE the ones behind the mask. 

Here at Epic Starfish, a whole new universe of heroes is waiting for you. It’s filled with all the pulse-pounding, hair-raising thrills you’d expect, plus a host of powerful heroes and terrifying villains. But this new world of adventure is different than anything you’ve ever seen. 

In our world, you don’t just read about the hero…you ARE the hero! 

Epic Starfish is where kids can become the superhero they’ve always wanted to be. Imagine, a whole comic book dedicated to you, the kid reading it. YOU’RE the one leading your super-team into battle, or defending Earth from invaders—YOU CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE from our growing library, and YOU ARE THE HERO!

Every Epic Starfish comic is unique—featuring your face and name on just about every page—and illustrated so beautifully that you can almost feel the ground shake every time you blast an enemy robot into scrap metal. With a growing list of titles and adventures to choose from, there’s something for every kid who wants to save the world…and look cool doing it, of course! 

Grownups, be warned! Your hero will want to read their adventure with you every night, so be prepared to share their journey again and again. It’s not for the weak at heart! 

Why did we build this world? Because kids deserve to feel like a superhero once in a while. Maybe they don’t see it the way we grownups do, but every time a kid uses kind words, looks out for the little guy, chooses honesty over lying, or simply does the right thing, we don’t just see a kid. We see something more. Something super. 

We see a hero. Like you. 

Epic Starfish.

Every kid is a hero.