Q: How does this work, exactly?

Good question! We’ve written some amazing comic books that your little hero is going to love. They’re all packed with action and humor that can be enjoyed by your kid, and you can feel safe that they’re not being exposed to adult themes or excessive violence.

The only thing missing is your little hero! It’s as simple as this: once you’ve made an account, just use our hero generator (“Create Your Hero,” at the top of the page) to make the star of the story. Once you’re satisfied with how your hero looks, save it and choose from our incredible (and growing) library of adventures! We’ll mail you the personalized comic within 14 business days!

Your little hero’s face and name will appear throughout the book, as the star of the adventure! The effect is seamless–it’s like the artist drew your little hero into the story!

Your hero’s face will appear on nearly every page of the full-sized books– sometimes multiple times per page–and less frequently in the “origin” issues, as the hero is introduced later in those cases as part of the story arc. Also note origin issues are shorter than full-sized issues (see below).

Q: In what order should I read these books?

Each Epic Starfish title has an “origin” issue, the story of the team or hero’s origin. These are:

Adventure All-Stars Issue #0: The First Mission!

Kingdom Ranger Issue #0: A Hero Rises!

Starforce Dragonfly Issue #0: The Battle Begins!

These issues are the beginning of their respective stories. They tell the back story that sets up the rest of the issues.

Please note the lower-priced “origin issues” are introductions to their stories. These focus on how the teams came together in the case of Adventure All-Stars and Starforce Dragonfly, and how the hero of Kingdom Ranger becomes the protector of Alchestria.

These stories are shorter than the full-sized books, running 8-10 pages of story plus some bonus content. Your hero’s face and name will appear many times in the book (and it looks awesome!) but they will appear less frequently than in the full-sized books.

Q: How long should I expect to wait before my book arrives in the mail?

Right now our production and shipping schedule puts your estimated arrival time around 2 weeks, though that will vary based on demand volume.

Q: What are you doing to protect my child from being exposed to violence?

At Epic Starfish we take the issue of violence seriously. As parents ourselves, we understand our kids can be exposed to violent images despite our best efforts to prevent it. That said, we think we can tell exciting stories, and even show superhero-level exploits, while keeping the action lighthearted. 

In an Epic Starfish book, you won’t see your little hero throw a punch or land a kick on his or her enemy (though they sometimes leave that to a teammate—hey, these evil robots aren’t going to bash themselves!). 

And even though some Epic Starfish heroes sport laser blasters in case the situation calls for it, they’re in the form of wrist blasters rather than in gun form. 

Finally, each book includes a full-page message featuring a character from the Epic Starfish universe, spoken directly to the reader, about using words to solve problems, rather than violence. 

Q: My child wants to include their medical assist device in their story. How do I make that happen?

Every kid is a hero, including the thousands of kids who depend on a medical assist device in day-to-day life. Common examples of these include wheelchairs, cochlear implants, special glasses, and prosthetic limbs. If your little hero would like their medical assist device included in their story, we will do our best to provide it, if technically possible. 

For those heroes that would like to be depicted in a mobility chair, we offer the Adventure Booster 5000, which can be found exclusively in the pages of Adventure All-Stars. Other assist devices will be addressed on an individual basis and those orders may require more time than usual to fulfill. 

The Adventure Booster 5000

To place a special order, order your Epic Starfish adventure as you usually would, and then send an email to [email protected] with the subject “special order.” Describe your hero’s special need and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

At present, the mobility chair option is limited to Adventure All-Stars. We hope to expand this in the future. 

There is no extra charge for this type of special order, but it might take a little longer create.

Q: What about birthmarks? Or a no-hair option?

Yep, just email us and we’ll work it out. 

Q: Can I place a special order for my kid’s hairstyle? I can’t find one on the site that looks right.

We understand every kid is unique, and there are a lot of looks and styles we haven’t added to the Hero Generator yet. In the future we plan to add even more options to create your perfect little hero, but as of now, due to technical limitations, we don’t offer special orders for the following requests:

– Alternate facial features (nose/eyes/mouth variations to perfectly match the subject).

– Variations of eye, hair, or skin colors.

– We will make an exception of those variations brought on due to medical conditions or conditions present at birth.

Q: Are there advertisements in Epic Starfish books?

Aside from announcements of other Epic Starfish books, no. You’re paying for content, not ads.