The Adventure All-Stars Issue #0: The First Mission


All is well for Karen “Knuckles” Maloney and Jetson “Jett” Thomas as they soak up the sights and sounds of Chicago’s Millennium Park on their school field trip. Until they’re attacked by the evil and powerful Tenticlaw!

Their peaceful field trip turns to chaos and the situation looks bleak, until the arrival of a mysterious hero that gives Jett and Knuckles the power to fight back! Soon our heroes have joined the ultimate super team and are ready to fight beside YOU, their fearless leader!

The action starts here, in the amazing origin story! Adventure All-Stars: The First Mission!

Please note this book is an introduction to the Adventure All-Stars story. Origin stories are shorter than full-sized Epic Starfish books, running at 8-10 pages of story plus some bonus content. Your hero will appear less frequently in this story than in the full-sized books. Be sure to buy The Terrible Tale of the Taken Torch and The Adventure All-Stars vs. Mr. Lumino (coming soon) to get the most epic experience for your little hero!

This book is available for a discounted price when purchased as part of the Adventure All-Stars Starter Pack.



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