Adventure All-Stars

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Get ready for sizzling action and fizzling puns when you choose the Adventure All-Stars!

Join up with Jett and Knuckles as this high-tech super team takes on some of the toughest villains in some of the nation’s most recognizable places. This three-issue set includes:

Adventure All-Stars #0: The First Mission!

All is well for Karen “Knuckles” Maloney and Jetson “Jett” Thomas as they soak up the sights and sounds of Chicago’s Millennium Park on their school field trip. Until, that is, they’re attacked by the evil and powerful Tenticlaw!

Their peaceful field trip turns to chaos and the situation looks bleak, until the arrival of a mysterious hero that gives Jett and Knuckles the power to fight back! Soon our heroes have joined the ultimate super team and are ready to fight beside YOU, their fearless leader!

Adventure All-Stars #1: The Terrible Tale of the Taken Torch!

When the Statue of Liberty’s torch is stolen by a mysterious thief, New York’s mayor turns to the world’s ultimate super team, the Adventure All Stars! 

Soon our heroes are in pursuit of the torch, and chasing a mystery. Who took it, and what on earth do they want with it? The answer will shock our heroes and place them in a danger so great they must use all their powers and wits to survive!

Adventure All-Stars #2: The Day of the Disappeared Diamond!

When the Ginormo Diamond is stolen by the evil Dr. Lumino, the Adventure All-Stars are on the case. But after tracking the villain to Washington, DC, the team discovers Lumino has used the diamond to make himself much more powerful—and more deadly!

Now our heroes must face a brand new threat, from every direction at once! Will Lumino’s new powers prove too much for the team, or will they use teamwork to save the day? 

The Adventure All-Stars features cartoon-style hijinks and highlights teamwork and persistence. The only creatures harmed during production were evil robots that totally deserved it.

4 reviews for Adventure All-Stars

  1. dan (verified owner)

    The best! When my boys found out they were Adventure All Stars, they were so excited! Watching themselves go through the story was so fun for them. Thanks for making bedtime stories fun again!

  2. jabi.roche (verified owner)

    My son LOVES his comics. The quality of the paper is great. My boys can be a little rough. The artwork and writing are excellent as well. I love that the comics arrived in preservation laminates with the cardstock. This made my boys feel great because it’s how comics SHOULD be done.

  3. Jen J. (verified owner)

    Being able to show my son that he is in a comic book is so much fun!

  4. James P. (verified owner)

    Very Cool! Kid loved it!

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