Kingdom Ranger

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The Kingdom is in danger, and only you can help!

Kingdom Ranger features three high-flying adventures that you’ll never forget!

Kingdom Ranger Issue #0: A Hero Rises!

All is well in the Kingdom of Alchestria. Its people are protected and loved by their dear King Leovolas, and peace has settled over the land. Until…

The sudden arrival of the sinister Lord Gilrath and his horde of evil terribeasts changes everything! Soon King Leovolas is captured, and his young daughter, Princess Trianna, must flee on the back of the King’s winged lion, Aeroclaw.

And at that moment, when all seemed lost, a young peasant discovered their true destiny, and became the hero the Kingdom needed most.

Live the legend in the origin story–Kingdom Ranger Issue #0: A Hero Rises!


Kingdom Ranger #1: The Fires of Lizarro!

When a flame-spewing terribeast burns a peaceful town to cinders, driving its helpless inhabitants from their homes, Princess Trianna calls on the Kingdom Ranger and Aeroclaw to confront the deadly creature.

But Lizarro proves to be more powerful than any threat our heroes have faced before! Defeating this terribeast will take all the Kingdom Ranger’s skill, Aeroclaw’s speed, and a lot of luck!

The adventure ignites in Kingdom Ranger: The Fires of Lizarro!


Kingdom Ranger #2: The Grisly Gor-Ra!

When a powerful terribeast attacks a village in the Dark Forest, Princess Trianna calls on the Kingdom Ranger and Aeroclaw for help. 

The heroes must travel across the Kingdom to reach the desperate townspeople and face Gor-Ra, the most dangerous terribeast they’ve yet encountered. But before they can confront this menace, they will travel to the city of Leoda to find the magic immortal known as Ornak—an ancient and immensely powerful creature who could either help them in their quest…or destroy them!

Prepare for action in Kingdom Ranger: The Grisly Gor-Ra!

6 reviews for Kingdom Ranger

  1. cgwooten (verified owner)

    Beautiful artwork and a really fun story! My daughter loves hers!!

  2. dan (verified owner)

    We own three of these and this was my kids favorite! So much fun and adventure! They really love watching themselves go through the story!

  3. reeserkeith (verified owner)

    My son was so excited to open his book up. He truly thought everyone could buy the one with his name on it… He thought he was an actual superhero (kind of the whole point though, RIGHT?!?)… When we told him that every kid that has one made gets their own Avatar and get their name in the comic he was shocked. “What an awesome idea!” He put down all other books so that he could enjoy these for about an hour. He carefully put it away so that he wouldn’t damage his “limited edition” comic. Pretty fun to see him looking at them over and over and seeing all of the artwork/fun storylines too!

  4. akeyes (verified owner)

    My daughter loves her Kingdom Rangers comic! She is super into queens and princesses right now, and her face lit up when she saw her picture and name on the cover! She keeps asking to read it before she takes a nap or goes to bed. It’s great to see her confidence and creativity increase because she’s a hero.

  5. Keith R. (verified owner)

    My children loved these comic books. It has encouraged them to read more stories as well as practice their art skills. It has been such a joy to see their eyes light up with their own avatar and name within the story!

  6. Tim P. (verified owner)

    Our girls thought it was so cool to see a hero that looked like them. They loved getting to be the one to save the day.

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