The Starforce Dragonfly Starter Pack


This is the best way to jump into the galaxy of Starforce Dragonfly! Save big when you buy the Origin Issue and Issue #1 as a set!

Starforce Dragonfly Issue #0: The Battle Begins is the incredible tale of how the galaxy’s greatest crew came together to stand up to the evil menace known as General Argon Killbott:

It is the year 2410, and the galaxy has finally found peace.  That is, until the evil General Argon Killbott destroys that peace, attacks hundreds of alien worlds, and takes much of the galaxy prisoner!  With billions of lives hanging in the balance, only a small crew of four heroes will stand in Killbott’s path!

Starforce Dragonfly Issue #1: Killbott’s Earth Buster is the amazing full-sized adventure that has fans on the edge of their seat: When the Starforce Dragonfly crew responds to a distress call from the peaceful world of Adora Prime, they discover something unexpected—an empty city, and a Killbott trap!  Soon a mystery unfolds: what happened to the Adorabons who lived in the city, and what is Killbott’s plan? The answers will terrify the crew, and lead them to a weapon with enough power to destroy Earth! Our crew must then do the impossible—sneak aboard Killbott’s command ship and disable the weapon before Earth is destroyed!

Get the full Epic Starfish experience and save when you buy this starter pack! A $40 value!