Starforce Dragonfly Issue #0: The Battle Begins


It is the year 2410, and the galaxy has finally found peace.

That is, until the evil General Argon Killbott destroys that peace, attacks hundreds of alien worlds, and takes much of the galaxy prisoner!

With billions of lives hanging in the balance, only a small crew of four heroes will stand in Killbott’s path!

Starforce Dragonfly: The Battle Begins tells the story of how one great leader brings the crew together, and sets them on a collision course with destiny!

The saga unfolds here, in Starforce Dragonfly: The Battle Begins! 

Please note this book is an introduction to the Starforce Dragonfly story. Origin stories are shorter than full-sized Epic Starfish books, running at 8-10 pages of story plus some bonus content. Your hero will appear less frequently in this story than in the full-sized books. Be sure to buy Killbott’s Big Day and Killbott’s Earth Buster to get the most epic experience for your little hero!

This book is available at a discounted price as part of the Starforce Dragonfly Starter Pack.



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