Starforce Dragonfly

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The galaxy needs heroes! I’m looking at you, kid!

Order Starforce Dragonfly today and you’ll receive three explosive issues featuring Kit, Crane, Callisto, and you as you set out to free the galaxy from the evil rule of General Argon Killbott!

Starforce Dragonfly #0: The Battle Begins

It is the year 2410, and the galaxy has finally found peace.

That is, until the evil General Argon Killbott destroys that peace, attacks hundreds of alien worlds, and takes much of the galaxy prisoner!

With billions of lives hanging in the balance, only a small crew of four heroes will stand in Killbott’s path!

Starforce Dragonfly: The Battle Begins tells the story of how one great leader brings the crew together, and sets them on a collision course with destiny!

Starforce Dragonfly #1: Killbott’s Earth Buster!

When the Starforce Dragonfly crew responds to a distress call from the peaceful world of Adora Prime, they discover something unexpected—an empty city, and a Killbott trap!

Soon a mystery unfolds: what happened to the Adorabons who lived in the city, and what is Killbott’s plan? The answers will terrify the crew, and lead them to a weapon with enough power to destroy Earth! Our crew must then do the impossible—sneak aboard Killbott’s command ship and disable the weapon before Earth is destroyed!

Strap in for a galaxy of fun and danger with Starforce Dragonfly: Killbott’s Earth Buster!

Starforce Dragonfly #2: Killbott’s Big Day!

When a crew of peaceful Gleebons is attacked by one of General Killbott’s warships, Starforce Dragonfly moves in to save them—only to discover the Gleebons are carrying a magical object of unstoppable power!

Now the crew must race to keep the weapon out of Killbott’s cold, metal hands before he uses its power to crush Starforce Dragonfly and conquer the galaxy!

It’s super-sized adventure and BIG danger in Starforce Dragonfly: Killbott’s Big Day!

8 reviews for Starforce Dragonfly

  1. dan (verified owner)

    So Fun! My boys loved seeing their names in the comics and loved the action! Not much captures their attention, but these did!

  2. reeserkeith (verified owner)

    WOW! My son opened this up and he was ecstatic that he got to be the hero of this space story. He loves robots and was digging all of the little goofy and fun elements that he was apart of. He was super impressed that his name was written in so many spots and that the Avatar was just like him. What a fun book… kid tested, mom and dad approved!

  3. jabi.roche (verified owner)

    My 8-year-old son was ecstatic when this arrived. He is so inspired to write his own comics now and seeing himself as the hero in a story has boosted his confidence tremendously. His is a younger brother, so being the leader in his comic book was huge. Thank you.

  4. akeyes (verified owner)

    My 6 year old son was stoked to see a space themed comic with his face and name on it. He’s into space rangers (thanks Toy Story) and thought it was so cool that he had his own space ship. He’s adding the stories from this comic into the paper books he makes each day. I can tell how much he likes it because it’s always in his bed when I go to check on him after he’s asleep. Thanks for helping him feel like a hero!

  5. gingercarr (verified owner)

    My 10 year old son loved the comic! We finished the first one and he couldn’t wait to read the next one to find out what happened next. Great graphics and cool for the kids to have themselves appear in the action. Anything that promotes reading is a plus to us!

  6. awthompson0320 (verified owner)

    My son was ecstatic when he saw his name as the commander and hero of this comic book. He loves to dress up and pretend to be the super hero. Seeing his name multiple places in this book was perfect for him. The story and graphics are top notch. He couldn’t wait to show it off to his siblings and classmates.

  7. Keith R. (verified owner)

    My children loved these comic books. It has encouraged them to read more stories as well as practice their art skills. It has been such a joy to see their eyes light up with their own avatar and name within the story!

  8. James P. (verified owner)

    Awesome Job! Great product!

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