The Kingdom Ranger Starter Pack



This is the best way to jump into the world of Kingdom Ranger! Save big when you buy the Origin Issue and Issue #1 as a set! This set includes the following issues:

Kingdom Ranger Issue #0: A Hero Rises! All is well in the Kingdom of Alchestria. Its people are protected and loved by their dear King Leovolas, and peace has settled over the land. Until…

The sudden arrival of the sinister Lord Gilrath and his horde of evil terribeasts changes everything! Soon King Leovolas is captured, and his young daughter, Princess Trianna, must flee on the back of the King’s winged lion, Aeroclaw.

And at that moment, when all seemed lost, a young peasant discovered their true destiny, and became the hero the Kingdom needed most.

Kingdom Ranger Issue #1: The Fires of Lizarro! When a flame-spewing terribeast burns a peaceful town to cinders, driving its helpless inhabitants from their homes, Princess Trianna calls on the Kingdom Ranger and Aeroclaw to confront the deadly creature.

But Lizarro proves to be more powerful than any threat our heroes have faced before! Defeating this terribeast will take all the Kingdom Ranger’s skill, Aeroclaw’s speed, and a lot of luck!

Get the full Epic Starfish experience and save when you buy this starter pack! A $40 value!


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